Asher Tensei

Young Adult Fantasy Writer/Author/Novelist

Get Acquainted with Asher
Since the boom of the pop culture phenomenon known as The Twilight Saga, Asher Tensei has experimented widely with the young adult and fantasy genres.  In 2009, he tried his hand at writing fanfiction(though, not for Twilight), but in the end figured out he wanted to write something original, but something that also encompassed all of his inspirations. Stories that would be both magical and believable; beautiful, bizarre, and complex.

In 2010, he began writing Mana, uploading it to any site that would take it. It wasn't until he found Wattpad that Mana would begin to reach fans and climb the charts. It even went on to win a few awards. This gave Asher new hope, so he continued to write more books in the series. It was at this point, he fell in love with writing and all that came with it. Becoming an expert storyteller was something that always sat in the back of his mind, but it took the fans of The Mana Saga to commit him to this passion. 

He doesn't regret a single day picking up the pen.